Horrors of the Fur Industry: wear something not someone

Fall and Winter can be our favorite time of the year with all the nice weather and seasonal festivities. We all know that  with that — comes lots of cute coats, boots and sweaters but did you ever think of what violence can lurk inside your closet?  Watching celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian strut in their expensive fur coats may seem glamorous to you because you may not imagine animals being electrocuted, starved and brutally beaten to death. 

Shockingly, this is the reality more than 50 billion animals face each year just for fur products alone. This includes not only rabbits, minks, chinchillas, foxes and cows but even cats and dogs. Yes, your “authentic” fur coat could be and probably is partially made out of dog. This is because China is the largest fur export in the world.

Fur Production Is Cruel Out of all these animals, 85% of them killed for fur are held captive in fur farms. In fur farms these animals will be kept in tight, dirty cages with no room to move and even stuffed with other animals of the same species until they will be eventually skinned alive for fashion.

One Billion rabbits are killed each year for fur coats, interior decor, fly fishing items and even craft trims. Meanwhile, In China 2 Billion cats are killed each year for their fur. These innocent animals are either hung, electrocuted, beaten with pipes or skinned alive. 1/3 of animals killed for fur in the U.S are killed by crushing crates. This procedure is done by trapping the animal and applying 90 pounds of pressure, crushing the animal until they slowly suffocate internally. All of this horrible violence and animal abuse is for FASHION. 

Please avoid all cruelty products like leather, animal fur, wool (sheared wool isnt any different, it’s part of skinned sheep too) uggs, fur trimmings in coats and suede. All these items can be replaced with a faux version of the same quality.


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