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Horrors Of The Dairy Industry

Many people are under the false impression that the dairy industry can be sustainable or humane. In this article Im going to explain how horrifying and sadistic the dairy industry truly is and why dairy production really hits home for me. Ask yourself is it really worth it?

Milk Production And Abuse Cows are mammals and just like humans female cows produce milk when they are impregnated. All dairy factories use a method that is called artificial insemination” the injection of semen into the vagina or uterus other than by sexual intercourse. This would be called rape” if done to a human but all the dairy industry cares about is profit and mass production. Cows are fored into a contant cycle of pregnancy their entire short lives in factory farms. When these cows are impregnated they have to be restrained in what is called a “rape rack” yes, it is literally called that. They have to tie the animal up as she kicks and screams. 

From my prospective, if an animal is uncomfortable or screaming in pain that is a sign that they are clearly uncomfortable and do not want babies forced inside of them. Not only do they force babies inside of female cows, they also kill them. Yes, they kill the males for veal. The female calves join the milking herd to be used for dairy just like her mother, then killed too. 

Seperation Of Mothers And Calves In the dairy industry, young calves are taken away from their mothers right away otherwise only 1 to 3 days after birth. A cow produces the most milk around 40 to 60 days after she’s given birth and then she is impregnated again. The cycle continues — she gives birth about 3 or 4 more times and then is slaughtered for meat. This is why the dairy industry is the slaughter industry, too.

Veal Production In The Dairy Industry Every year in the United States alone 21 million calves are slaughtered for veal young calf meat. To make the baby cows meat more “tender” they keep the cow in a veal crate with chains around their necks and body to cut oxygen flow and restrain them from any movement. They are tortured for their entire short life of 16 weeks, if they arent killed in the first round. The animals do not even get to see a life outside of a dairy farm and actually, some don’t see life at all. “Bob” veal comes from calves who are slaughtered when they are only a few hours or days old.

These animals in factory farms are all robbed from any value or happiness in life. They are all born in factories and will never get to feel the warmth of sunlight on their skin. They will never feel a mothers love, how it is to play and run around or to simply enjoy their life for what it should be. We are treating these animals — the most harmess beings on the planet like prisoners. Worse than we treat rapists, murderers and child molestors and change starts with you. 

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